How Do I Get Motivated On A Rainy Day?

How do you cheer up on a rainy day?

How to Cheer Yourself Up on a Rainy DayTurn on the Lights.

Ok, so maybe the sun hasn’t made an appearance in 24+ hours.

Take a Warm Bath (or Shower) I am a huge fan of baths, no matter the season, but I especially love a hot bath on a cold rainy day.

Get Outside.

Pump Up the Jams.

Work Out.

Cuddle Up with Your Pets..

Why do I feel sleepy on rainy days?

Human brains can secretes a sleep-related hormone, melatonin, which is secreted in the dark or when the light is dark. In the rainy days, dark clouds block the sun, and the environment becomes dim. At this time, the secreted melatonin by brain increases, making people sleepy.

Why do rainy days affect mood?

The dip in serotonin levels caused by the lack of sun on rainy days can create food cravings, especially for comforting carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. This may in part be a response to symptoms of depression associated with gloomy weather, as carbohydrates temporarily boost serotonin levels and improve mood.

What can you do on a rainy day alone?

Things to Do By YourselfGet Lost in a Book. Curl up by the fire or heater or really anywhere cozy and lose yourself in a good book.Take a Long Nap. … Treat Yourself to Some Grooming. … Scroll Through Your Favorite Pet Accounts. … Writer Letters to Love Ones. … Soak In a Bath. … Clean Out Your Closet. … Do a Home Workout.More items…•

Why do I get happy when it rains?

Some psychologists argue that because our brain craves sensory input. The sound of rain or a thunder storm can appease the brain’s demands, which then calms us down. Sun, on the other hand, doesn’t do anything to diminish sensory input and keeps our brains wanting more stimulation.

Is it safe to walk in the rain?

It feels rebellious: Sometimes you just want to break the rules, and taking a walk in the rain is a safe and healthy way to do so. Just be sure to wear proper temperature regulating gear and thoroughly dry off once you’re home so you don’t risk getting sick.

How do you beat rainy day blues?

Here are my 10 ways to beat the rainy day blues:Diffuse an essential oil wake up blend. If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser, you are really missing out. … COFFEE! … Tell funny jokes! … Avoid sitting at all costs! … Get crafty! … Go get wet! … Play some music. … Have a dance off in the living room!More items…•

How do you spend a rainy day?

The Best Ways to Spend a Rainy DayBuild a Rain Gutter Racing Boat. There’s no better way to take advantage of a street full of water than with a gutter boat. … Read a Comic Book. … Get Creative With Your Workout. … Meal Prep for Sunnier Days. … Hand Write Some Letters. … Organize Your Closet. … Knock Out Projects You’ve Been Putting Off. … Take a Moment for Yourself.More items…

How do I get energy on a rainy day?

Rainy day blues? 8 ways to boost your mood when the sun is awayLet there be light. Keep the lights around you on. … Make a list. … Get moving. … Be a chef for a night. … Dial in with loved ones. … Catch some zzz’s. … Take mental breaks. … Find gratitude in the storm.

How do rainy day make you feel?

A 2011 study even found that about nine percent of people feel angrier on rainy days than on sunny days. … The low light conditions associated with rainy weather can lead to a spike in melatonin, making you feel drowsy. Yet another reason for feeling tired or “down” in rainy weather is the effect of barometric pressure.

How can I lift my mood on a rainy day?

10 Ways to Lift Your Mood When it’s Raining OutsideRead a nice book. … Look through some old photos. … Study something. … Research some walks to do (for when the weather changes.) … Cook or bake something. … Re-arrange & sort those cupboards! … Catch up with friends & family on the phone or video screen. … Clean and pamper yourself.More items…•

Is rain sound good for sleeping?

Sounds with a consistent frequency are known as pink noise, and they’ve been found to improve sleep quality by slowing and regulating brain waves, so that you wake up feeling more well rested. Natural sounds like falling rain and the sounds of the wind or ocean are in the pink noise category.

Why does rain make you sick?

A cold is caused by a virus, which not influenced by rain. However, certain cold viruses (e.g. Rhinovirus) spread more easily in the winter because they function better at low temperatures. Cold weather correlates with colds but rain cannot cause you to catch a cold.

What is the mood of the poem the rainy day?

In ‘The Rainy Day’ Longfellow delves into themes of nature, emotion, and depression. While the tone and mood are gloomy throughout much of this poem, in the final stanza the atmosphere lightens somewhat and the speaker asserts that the darkness is not going to last forever.

What do adults do on a rainy day at home?

10 Boredom Busting Rainy Day Activities for AdultsBinge on your favourite TV shows. Whether you’re part way through a TV series or looking to start a new one, rainy days are perfect for a bit of binge TV watching. … Work out at home. … Spend time on your hobby. … Pamper yourself. … Read a good book. … Spend time online. … Sort the house out. … Start a recipe book.More items…•