Question: How Far Is McLean VA From DC?

Is McLean VA expensive?

Bloomberg did an analyzation of IRS data to determine the nation’s priciest communities.

McLean, which is the 22101 ZIP code, turns out to be the most expensive in Virginia as of 2018.

In 2017, McLean ranked third as the most expensive area for renters.

Rent in McLean averaged in around $2,206..

What is McLean Va known for?

McLean is home to many diplomats, military, members of Congress, and high-ranking government officials partially due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency. It is the location of Hickory Hill, the former home of Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy.

What is the richest town in Virginia?

Great FallsGreat Falls is the richest town in Virginia and one of the richest in the entire country. The median annual household income is over $228,000 — more than triple that of the state.

Who owns most expensive house in the world?

Antilia, in Mumbai, valued at $1 billion, is the world’s priciest private home, versus Buckingham Palace, which is open to the public. It’s owned by the chairman of Reliance Industries, the richest person in India.

What are the best suburbs of Washington DC?

Best Suburbs Near Washington, D.C.Alexandria, Virginia.Frederick, Maryland.Silver Spring, Maryland.Gaithersburg, Maryland.Reston, Virginia.Rockville, Maryland.Arlington, Virginia.Bethesda, Maryland.

What is the poorest city in VA?

Emporia1. Emporia. Emporia, unfortunately, ranks as the poorest place in Virginia thanks to combination of low pay and and a lack of jobs. The city of 5,442 people averages the lowest median household income in Virginia and the 6th highest poverty rate.

What airport do you fly into for McLean VA?

The nearest airport to McLean is Reagan Washington (DCA) Airport which is 9.2 miles away. Other nearby airports include Washington Dulles (IAD) (14.7 miles), Baltimore (BWI) (32.3 miles), Harrisburg (MDT) (90.6 miles) and Richmond (RIC) (99.5 miles). How long does it take to get to McLean from the Airport?

What’s the oldest town in Virginia?

DumfriesDumfries received its charter on May 11, 1749, making it the oldest continuously chartered town in Virginia.

What cities are near McLean VA?

Cities near McLean, VirginiaTysons Corner, VA.Idylwood, VA.Falls Church, VA.Jefferson, VA.Friendship Village, MD.Bethesda, MD.Vienna, VA.Arlington, VA.More items…

How far is McLean VA from Washington DC?

7.77 milesDistance from McLean, VA to Washington, DC There are 7.77 miles from McLean to Washington in southeast direction and 10 miles (16.09 kilometers) by car, following the GWMP route. McLean and Washington are 15 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from McLean, VA to Washington, DC.

How far is McLean VA from Alexandria VA?

11.35 milesDistance from McLean, VA to Alexandria, VA There are 11.35 miles from McLean to Alexandria in southeast direction and 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) by car, following the GWMP route. McLean and Alexandria are 20 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How safe is McLean VA?

According to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis of FBI crime statistics, McLean is safer than 66% of the cities and towns in the US of all population sizes. In Virginia, only on the order of 37% of the communities have a lower crime rate than McLean.

Is Arlington Va safe?

It is an extremely safe place, and it is very family-friendly. The public schools in Arlington are some of the best in the country, and there is a very low crime rate in Arlington. The residents of Arlington are kind and get along with each other.

Is Falls Church Virginia safe?

FALLS CHURCH, VA — A new study places Falls Church among the safest cities in the state. Falls Church ranked 13th on Security Baron’s list of Safest Cities in Virginia. Security Barson, a security-focused website for consumers, used the FBI’s 2017 and 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting data to determine the rankings.

How much does it cost to live in McLean VA?

Comparison HighlightsCost of Living IndexesMcLean, VADifferenceOverall Index: Homeowner, No Child care, Taxes Not Considered20347.3% lessFood & Groceries118.518.0% lessHousing (Homeowner)400.975.3% lessMedian Home Cost$926,900$697,800 (75.3% less)14 more rows

Is McLean VA a good place to live?

“Mclean is a wonderful neighborhood to live in. It is very safe, clean, and high end,” the resident said. The ranking looked at several factors, such as public schools, family-friendliness, diversity and housing. McLean received an A+ for its public schools, A+ for a good family environment and B+ for diversity.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Washington DC?

Month-by-month sales statistics of individual neighborhoods in the District tend to be volatile and based on often just a handful of sales, but for the month of March, the leafy streets of Chevy Chase easily won the title of most expensive D.C. neighborhood.

What are the most dangerous areas in Washington DC?

The most dangerous areas in Washington is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.Deanwood. Population 29,798. … Brentwood. Population 28,660. … Anacostia. Population 117,488. … U Street Corridor. … Stadium-Armory. … Shaw. … South West. … Ledroit Park.More items…