Question: What Do Elements Do In Save The World?

What is the best element in Save the World?

What is the best element to use in Fortnite: Save the World?…Each element works best on a specific element, it works similarly to Rock Paper Scissors.Fire works best against nature(electricity), but does half damage against water.Nature(electricity) works best against water, but does half damage against fire.More items…•.

What is the scar called in Save the World?

SiegebreakerSiegebreaker, a weapon in Save the World.

Is physical element good fortnite?

Physical does 50% damage to Elementals. … Physical does more damage to non-elemental husks. Generally viable only early game since later game you’ll want to match proper element vs enemy element and non-elemental husks appear much less.

How much damage does fire do in fortnite?

It fires fireballs which creates fire upon collision and deals 50 damage to a player directly, while the fireball can travel for 3 tiles, it only launches whenever a player is in range (3 tiles).

What is the most powerful element?

1 Air/wind. Air control is the most strongest element there is. 2 Fire. Fire is a really strong element and this sounds brutal but you can burn down bad people’s houses and burn people you don’t like….What is the best Zodiac element?SignElementQualitiesLeoFireHot & DryVirgoEarthCold & Dry2 more rows

What element is the strongest?

TungstenThe Top 10 Strongest MetalsRankType of MetalAtomic Weight#1Tungsten183.84 u#2Steeln/a#3Chromium51.96 u#4Titanium47.87 u6 more rows•Oct 22, 2019