Question: What Does Fritz Mean?

Why do we say on the fritz?

Attested from 1902, originally meaning “in a bad way” or “in bad condition”, malfunctioning of an appliance.

Perhaps from German name Fritz, or by onomatopoeia (here, imitating the sound of electric sparks jumping)..

What is a Schnickel Fritz?

Snicklefritz or Schnickelfritz is a Pennsylvania Dutch term of affection usually for young mischievous or talkative children. Considering similar German terms, many larger bilingual German–English dictionaries include the word Schnickschnack, which is defined as chit-chat or tittle-tattle and nonsense.

Is Fritz a girl’s name?

Fritz Origin and Meaning The name Fritz is a boy’s name of German origin meaning “peaceful ruler”. Since female cousins Mitzi and Fritzi have entered the realm of possibilities, there’s a chance that Cousin Fritz could as well.

For whom has the world fritz been used?

Fritz was a nickname used by Allied soldiers for a German soldier during World War I and II.

What does the slang term Fritz mean?

Noun. Fritz (plural Fritzes) (Britain, offensive, ethnic slur) A German person, usually male.

What is the synonym of Fritz?

other words for on the fritz bonkers. broken. faulty. haywire. inoperable.

Is Fritz a derogatory term?

On the fritz — Speaking of calamity, all efforts to discover the true origin of this term, meaning broken or malfunctioning, have come a cropper. Because “Fritz” is a derogatory term for a German, some amateur etymologists have linked it to anti-German sentiment during World War I.

Is on the fritz?

Not working correctly; acting strangely; malfunctioning.

What means kaput?

utterly finished, defeated, or destroyed Their1 : utterly finished, defeated, or destroyed Their marriage is kaput. 2 : unable to function The refrigerator is kaput. —often used with goThe engine suddenly went kaput.

Is Fritz a German last name?

German: from a pet form of Friedrich. It is also found as a surname in Denmark, Sweden, and elsewhere.