Question: Who Is The Best Healer In AFK Arena?

Is stargazing worth it AFK arena?

Using Stargazing Cards If you seriously want to put money in AFK Arena, putting your luck in Stargazing is definitely worth a try.

You will eventually get the Heroes you want, Mythic gears and even 30,000 Diamonds batch..

How do you ascend fast in AFK arena?

To ascend a hero, you need to sacrifice other heroes. Overall, to get an elite hero to the Ascended tier, you will need to sacrifice 28 elite heroes of the same faction, 6 of which must be copies of the hero you’re ascending.

How do you counter Isabella AFK arena?

To counter this and make sure Isabella does meaningful damage to other targets, place higher damage heroes opposite to the other non-Brutus frontliner so that Isabella will target that hero instead. Alternatively, heroes that can deal immediate damage to the enemy backline can make Isabella hit these targets instead.

How do you use Rosaline AFK?

Rosaline cannot be attacked while she uses her broom to sweep the floor for 4 seconds, dealing 80% damage to the enemy that nears the ally she is currently following. If the ally that Rosaline is following is a backline hero, then her attacks will incorporate a knockback effect, which pushes the enemy away.

Who is the best character in AFK arena?

BrutusBest Overall Hero – Brutus Brutus is universally agreed upon to be the absolute best hero in AFK Arena, and for good reasons. He has good bulk thanks to being a strength hero, he deals an insane amount of damage, and his skillset is amazing.

Which faction is the best AFK arena?

What is the Best Faction in AFK Arena? In short, Wilders and Graveborns are the two best Factions in AFK Arena for all players (excluding Celestials, Hypogeans, and Dimensionals).

How good is Saveas AFK arena?

Saveas is a very powerful damage dealer that sacrifices portions of his own life in order to increase his attack damage during a battle. Especially potent in the early game meta, he can dish out some absolutely insane damage to enemies.

What is a support hero in AFK arena?

AFK Arena Best Heroes Tier List 2020: Best DPS, Tank and Support Characters. … Tanks specialize in defense and soaking up damage to keep your heroes alive. Supports are utility-oriented and can serve as a squad’s healers, buffers, or crowd controllers.

Is Shemira good AFK arena?

Overview. Shemira is a very powerful mage damage dealer. … This is due to the fact that Shemira is really good when overleveled, but once the resonating cystral reaches 240, she has to be the same level as her team. With that said, she is still VERY good for PvE, just not as good.

Is Grezhul AFK arena good?

Grezhul is a tank hero for the graveborn faction. His ultimate ability can stun enemies that are near the gravestone it creates. … He can also provide a small shield to allies, mitigating up to 200% damage and damaging enemies if it’s broken.

Is Arden Good AFK arena?

As crowd control is incredibly powerful in AFK Arena, Arden is a top tier hero and currently the only Legendary+ hero that is viable at endgame. Entangling Roots is one of the best CCs in the game. It can completely disable up to 3 enemies.