Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Princess?

Are princesses correct?

If you hear an s sound (either unvoiced or voiced) at the end, write an s after the apostrophe.

So, the singular possessive is princess’s, the plural nominative is princesses, and the plural possessive is princesses’.

However, irregular plurals form their possessive the same way as singular nouns..

What Princess means?

1 archaic : a woman having sovereign power. 2 : a female member of a royal family especially : a daughter or granddaughter of a sovereign. 3 : the consort of a prince.

How do you spell beautiful?

beautifulbutifl – 31.9%butiful – 12.19%blutifl – 7.78%beautifull – 5.25%beatiful – 4.98%beutiful – 2.91%beautifu – 2.28%beautful – 1.17%More items…

What do you call two princess?

The plural form of princess is princesses.

What is Princess plural?

princess. Plural. princesses. The plural form of princess; more than one (kind of) princess.