Quick Answer: How Strict Is Via Rail With Luggage?

How many bags can you bring on VIA Rail?

Passengers in economy and economy plus classes are permitted to bring one personal item that is no larger than 43 x 15 x 33 cm and a maximum weight of 25lbs, plus one large article of up to 50lbs, a 10lbs increase.

Optionally, passengers can bring two 25lbs bags no larger than 54.5 x 39.5 x 23 cm each..

How can I send luggage by train?

You have to fillout parcel/luggage booking form from Indian Railway portal. You can book your parcel online as well. After completing necessary formalities & payment which is normal in charges & as per weight & delicacy of the goods it depends & mentioned by Indian Railway.

What can you not bring on a train?

According to its list of ‘Prohibited Items,’ Amtrak contraband includes:Animals, including “comfort” animals. … Archery equipment. … Batteries with acid that can spill or leak. … Canisters, tanks or other devices containing propellants. … Corrosive or dangerous chemicals or materials. … Firearms or ammunition.More items…•

Are VIA Rail tickets cheaper on Tuesdays?

If you’re looking to travel within Canada, you’ll want to purchase wildly discounted tickets on Tuesdays! Basically, VIA Rail offers massive discounts on their Sleeper Plus class, often including meals and cabins, if you purchase your tickets on a Tuesday.

Do they check bags on VIA Rail?

Verify that your train offers a checked baggage service: A checked baggage service is available at some stations and on a certain number of trains. Before travelling, be sure to confirm that this service is offered on your train.

Does VIA Rail weigh luggage?

If your bags look large or heavy, the VIA staff at Union will ask you to weigh them on their portable scale (they walk down the line which forms before boarding). … They still have a luggage storage area at one end of the car, but they do control how much each person brings on board so there is room for everyone’s bags.

Can you bring alcohol on VIA Rail?

You can purchase alcoholic drinks aboard most trains. For more information, visit the page on your train and your class of service. Provincial laws forbid passengers from consuming personal alcoholic drinks on the trains. Personal alcoholic drinks may only be consumed inside sleeping car cabins on some trains.

What is included in sleeper plus on VIA Rail?

Sleeper Plus offers the added comfort of amenities, great service and your choice of a cosy berth, a cabin for one, two or four.

How early should you be for VIA Rail?

Before the Trip We ask that you arrive at the station half an hour before departure for travel within the Corridor, and one hour before departure for long haul trains.

Can I bring a suitcase on a train?

Carry-On Baggage Amtrak baggage requirements allow passengers to carry on two personal items and two carry-on items. … Carry-on baggage must be stowed either overhead or under the seat in front of you (standard Amtrak trains usually have rather large overhead areas for storing luggage).

Where do I put my luggage on a train?

Luggage should be stored in the overhead luggage racks, under the seats and in the luggage compartments throughout the train. On some longer distance trains, it may be possible to store luggage in a separate area of the train.

What size luggage is 158 linear cm?

Check Luggage Allowances by AirlineAirlineCabin or Fare TypeChecked Bag SizeAmerican AirlinesEconomy62 inches (158 cm)Premium EconomyBusinessFirst95 more rows•Nov 17, 2020