Quick Answer: What Age Are Most BTS Fans?

What age group are BTS fans?

BTS is known for their extremely diverse fanbase that ranges from as young as children aged 8 or below to people over 60 or 70 in age.

Men, women, children and seniors, are all fans of the band regardless of anything..

How old are most Kpop fans?

How old are K-pop fans? In South Korea K-pop is supposed to appeal very broadly, from kids to grandparents, but has the most support from 10s and 20s.

Who is BTS target audience?

Their target audience was teenage girls, toward whom the boy band’s music and messaging would be directed. The lyrics were usually saccharine, and the songs were about entering into, or exiting from, a romantic relationship with a young woman.

What is the population of BTS fans?

40 million members of ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, subscribe to BTS’ YouTube channel, and more than 30 million follow both the member-run Twitter account and Big Hit’s official BTS Instagram account.

Which country has the most BTS fans?

South KoreaThe institute also found about 800,000 visitors visited South Korea because of BTS, which is more than 70% of the country’s annual tourists.

Who is richer BTS or exo?

According to online sources, EXO is the wealthiest group, with an estimated net worth of a staggering $1 billion. However, the reliability of this figure is questionable. BTS, on the other hand, is reported to be worth $60 million.

What age do kpop idols get married?

According to Seoul city’s research, Korean men marry at their age of 32.4 averagely, while women marry at 30.2. But, k-pop stars marry at a later age, of course. S.E.S’ Eugene got married to Korean actor Ki Tae Young in 2011, at her age of 30.

What percentage of BTS fans are male?

In it they talk about how, using Twitter and Brandwatch Audiences, they found that 78% of female followers of BTS are female. So let’s say that’s true; that leaves around 22% unaccounted for. Take the usual 2–4% off for polling errors, and we’re looking at between 26–18% being males. Who among BTS has the most fans?