Quick Answer: What Child Is This Year Written?

What child is this composer?

Thomas Hewitt JonesWhat Child Is This?/Composers.

What Child Is This hymn history?

“What Child Is This?” is a Christmas carol whose lyrics were written by William Chatterton Dix, in 1865. … While recovering, he underwent a spiritual renewal that led him to write several hymns, including lyrics to this carol that was subsequently set to the tune of “Greensleeves”, a traditional English folk song.

What child is this public domain?

Public Domain Status of 76 Very Popular Christmas SongsSongYearStatusWhat Child is This?1865PDWhile Shepherds Watched1728PDWhite Christmas1940©Winter Wonderland1934©72 more rows

What does Greensleeves mean?

A possible interpretation of the lyrics is that Lady Green Sleeves was a promiscuous young woman, perhaps even a prostitute. At the time, the word “green” had sexual connotations, most notably in the phrase “a green gown”, a reference to the grass stains on a woman’s dress from engaging in sexual intercourse outdoors.

Who wrote Away in a Manger?

Martin LutherCharles Hutchinson GabrielAway in a Manger/Lyricists

What child is this or Greensleeves?

One of the most famous Christmas carols was originally a salacious pop hit. The Christmas carol “What Child Is This?” is sung to the tune of “Greensleeves.” “What Child Is This?” is a song about the birth of Christ, while “Greensleeves” is a love ballad.

What Child Is This time signature?

The Artist:Composed:unknownTime Signature:6/8 ( View more 6/8 Music)Duration:1:42Tempo Marking:= 140Number of Pages:13 more rows

What child is this key?

E minorWhat Child Is This?/Keys

What child is this Henry VIII?

You probably recognize the melody of England’s “Greensleeves” as identical to the Christmas hymn, “What Child Is This?” Initially, Richard Jones was credited with writing “Greensleeves” in 1580, but some believe that King Henry VIII, rather than Jones, authored it.