Quick Answer: What Does Public Reception Mean?

What is another word for reception?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reception, like: greeting, welcome, acquisition, salutation, matinee, acceptance, accession, reaction, response, encounter and introduction..

What means reception year?

Reception is the name given to the first year at school. Some schools offer a staggered entry, others start all the children in the September.

What is a reception in a hospital?

Hospital receptionists work in hospitals and help patients, answer phones, assist patients, handle mail, file records and make sure medical offices are running smoothly. Receptionists are also responsible for giving patients information on what is happening in the clinic and checking them in for appointments.

What is the correct spelling of reception?

Correct spelling for the English word “reception” is [ɹɪsˈɛpʃən], [ɹɪsˈɛpʃən], [ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈɛ_p_ʃ_ə_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the opposite of reception?

What is the opposite of reception?dismissalnonacceptancerejectionrepudiationturndownrebuffvetowithdrawaloppositiondissension7 more rows

What’s the opposite of traditional?

What is the opposite of traditional?unconventionalnontraditionaleccentricinfrequentradicaloriginalbizarrenewunaccustomednonstandard93 more rows

What is public reception?

1 of, relating to, or concerning the people as a whole. 2 open or accessible to all.

What is a social reception?

A social function, especially one intended to provide a welcome or greeting. … A welcome, greeting, or acceptance. A friendly reception.

What happens at a reception?

Bride and Groom: During this time, the couple is usually takes their wedding pictures in a remote location. … Bride and Groom: Following their groomsmen and bridesmaids, the bride and groom enter the venue. (Usually this involves a silly dance depending on the theme of the party.) Guests: Guests are seated.

What is the root word of reception?

Borrowed from Middle French reception, from Latin receptiō (“the act of receiving; reception”), from recipiō (“receive”), from re- (“back”) + capiō (“I hold”).

What is the meaning of reception?

Reception is the act of receiving, or getting something, or the way it is received. If your book receives a positive reception, it means people receive it well. In other words, they like it. A reception can also be a party, such as a wedding reception.

What is the meaning of reception party?

A wedding reception is a party usually held after the completion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receive society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple.

What is a cold reception?

Meaning : Half hearted welcome. Usage : She got a cold reception when she went to see her old friend.

How do you use reception in a sentence?

Examples of reception in a Sentence The school held a reception for the new students and their families. He decided to run for a seat on the school committee only a year after his reception into the community. Her job is to deal with the reception of donations.

What is the opposite of orthodoxy?

Antonyms: nonconformist, dissident, heterodox, dissentient, Reformed, nonconforming, unorthodox, recusant, iconoclastic, heretical. orthodox(adj) adhering to what is commonly accepted. “an orthodox view of the world”