What Can I Add To Candy Melts?

Can I add coconut oil to candy melts?

Adding just a half teaspoon of oil can help thin candy melts but should only be used when in a pinch.

Coconut oil will, of course, add a slight coconut taste so keep that in mind when stirring it into your candy melts.

Vegetable or canola oil will also work and have no noticeable flavor..

What does adding oil to melted chocolate do?

Before you melt your chocolate, add a little vegetable oil. … (Don’t use this with candy melts or melting chocolate though, just regular chocolate.) As a fair warning, adding vegetable oil can make it so that the chocolate doesn’t harden as quickly or as hard. It can make the chocolate a bit softer.

Can I add color to candy melts?

To color Candy Melts, add Wilton Candy Colors to Candy Melts a little at a time. Mix thoroughly before adding more color. It’s better to add more candy color than to have a color that’s too intense or bright. If you do add too much color, you can lighten the color by adding more white candy melts.

What can I make with candy melts?

Check out this list of 10 different ways you can use Candy Melts.Lattice Candy Shell Cupcakes. … Candy-Coated Apple Football Treats. … Modern Candy Swirl Cake. … Sweet Sunflower Candies. … Cocoa Crested Cherries. … Chocolate Candy Fruit Nut Flowers. … Sweet Candy Embrace Raspberry Cake. … Two-Tone Candy Clay Ribbon.More items…•

Do candy melts need to be refrigerated?

I agree, in a sealed container, they keep for a few weeks at least. If you are just melting and molding the candy melts, they should last as long as the candy melts themselves would last. Always store candy wafers in cool, dry places, and in a container that is airtight. …

What can I add to candy melts to make it thinner?

After melting your candy, add a small amount of EZ Thin Dipping Aid. EZ Thin helps you control the consistency of the candy without changing the overall finish once it sets (it will still be shiny and set properly). Start with a little at a time and stir in thoroughly before adding more.

Can I use olive oil to thin candy melts?

Don’t Add Olive Oil We would like to suggest not to use olive oil in the candy melt mixture.

Can you pour candy melts on cake?

Molding. Candy Melts can also be molded into a variety of shapes and designs using plastic and silicone candy molds. For best results, we suggest melting your candy in a disposable decorating bag, then piping it directly into the mold. Molded candies can be used to top cakes and cupcakes, or just enjoyed on their own!

What is the difference between chocolate and candy melts?

Although they have the look and consistency of chocolate, candy melts aren’t chocolate. Their main ingredients are sugar and vegetable oil, and they usually don’t contain cocoa butter.

How do candy melts work?

Fill microwave-proof plastic bottle half full with Candy Melts and microwave at 40% power or defrost setting for a minute, knead gently to mix and continue melting at 15-second intervals until candy is completely melted and smooth. When melted, twist lid on bottle and squeeze candy right into molds.

What are the best candy melts to use?

Wilton Candy Melts are probably the most readily available option for cake pop coating. You can find them at Michael’s in a wide variety of colors. They are packaged in 12 oz.

How do you make candy melts shiny?

Color your Candy Melts with an oil-based food coloring to keep the shine. Add oil-based candy flavorings, available in the cake-decorating aisle at your craft store, if you would like to add a touch of peppermint or fruit flavor while still keeping the melts glossy. Dip or pour your Candy Melts or candy coating.

Why won’t my candy melts melt?

Then, why won’t my candy melts melt? You can try adding vegetable oil or shortening to the candy melts and see if that helps. Also, make sure you are melting them in a glass bowl (if you are using the microwave).

Can I substitute butter for shortening in melted chocolate?

Chocolate Seizing – What To Do If You Make A Mistake When Melting Chocolate: … Add a taste-free vegetable oil (canola, not olive), shortening, warm milk or cream, or warm melted butter by the teaspoon to the melted chocolate in a saucepan.

How do you fix lumpy candy melts?

If you find your candy melts are too thick, add a spoonful of shortening. The shortening will be clumpy at first, but once it is stirred in, let it sit for a few minutes.

Can you reuse candy melts?

Enjoy reusing it! I put some in a disp decorating bag and melted. After, I stored it in a ziplock bag. When I needed to use it again, I just reheated in the dec bag, then kneaded it smooth.