What Is The Plural Of My?

What does mine’s mean?



To extract (ore or minerals) from the earth.


To dig a mine in (the earth) to obtain ore or minerals..

What are the 8 parts of speech?


What is the plural of fish?

The plural of fish is usually fish. When referring to more than one species of fish, especially in a scientific context, you can use fishes as the plural.

How do you say his and mine?

The report is his and mine. (Never use an apostrophe with a possessive personal pronoun.) The report is Bill’s and hers. The report is Bill’s and mine.

When use my or mine?

MY IS A POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE ( it always follows a noun. e.g: my house.) MINE IS A POSSESSIVE PRONOUN ( it is used for avoiding repetition: e.g:is it your dog? no,it isn’t mine.)

What are the 10 parts of speech?

Eight or nine parts of speech are commonly listed:noun.verb.adjective.adverb.pronoun.preposition.conjunction.interjection.More items…

What is the plural of mine?

mine. Plural. mines. The plural form of mine; more than one (kind of) mine.

What is the plural version of?

The noun version can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be version. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be versions e.g. in reference to various types of versions or a collection of versions.

What are plurals in grammar?

· Grammar. Most singular nouns are made plural by simply putting an -s at the end. There are many different rules regarding pluralization depending on what letter a noun ends in. Irregular nouns do not follow plural noun rules, so they must be memorized or looked up in the dictionary.

What is the plural of church?

church /ˈtʃɚtʃ/ noun. plural churches.

What part of speech is favorite?

It can be an adjective, noun, or verb depending on the way that you use it. As an adjective, it is synonymous with best-liked — Purple is my favorite color. As a noun, it indicates preference — My first car was my favorite. As a verb, it is often used in social media – You can favorite web pages in Internet Explorer.

What are plurals examples?

ExamplesSingularPluralchildchildrentoothteethfootfeetpersonpeople26 more rows

Is mine’s correct grammar?

Mine’s name is Ginger.” Essentially, it’s a possessive of a possessive, which I find fascinating. I was wondering if it had a proper name. … To add onto this, it’s worth pointing out that mine’s serves the same grammatical function as my; that is, they are both possessive determiners rather than pronouns.

What is mine in parts of speech?

Mine is a possessive pronoun, being a possessive form of I. It can refer to a singular or plural noun, and it can be used as the subject, object, or complement of a verb or the object of a preposition: The glass on the left is mine. Your hands aren’t as big as mine.

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

Is I singular or plural?

What Are the Plural Pronouns?PronounNameIfirst person singularYousecond person singularHe / She / Itthird person singularWefirst person plural2 more rows

What is the plural of eye?

1 eye /ˈaɪ/ noun. plural eyes. 1 eye. /ˈaɪ/ plural eyes.

Is 2 singular or plural?

The numeral 2 is singular. The number two is, in English and many other languages, plural. In languages which have a dual form, the number two is dual. The word two is an adjective and as English is a mostly uninflected language, English adjectives do have a sinular and plural form.